Live from Brussels Episode 3: New Electricity Market Reform

Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of sending the electricity market design file (EMD) directly to trilogue negotiations, which is a perfect occasion to release our Episode 3. The 3rd episode of Live from Brussels is on the new electricity market design. The legislative reform of the Electricity Directive, proposed by the European Commission … Continued

Live from Brussels Episode 2: Just Transition

We are pleased to announce the release of the 2nd episode of our youtube series ¨Live from Brussels¨ on the crucial topic – Just Transition. The Just Transition Mechanism, announced in December 2019, is a groundbreaking initiative that allocates 55 billion EUR over the 2021-27 period to support workers and communities most affected by the … Continued

Live from Brussels Episode 1: Gas Price Cap

NOVA Green Lab is glad to launch its first episode of our youtube series Live from Brussels on ´Gas Price Cap´. In December 2022, the EU agreed to implement a gas price cap to prevent extreme price spikes, but what are this mechanism’s real benefits and limitations? In this episode, we explore the benefits and … Continued