Donors & Partners

NOVA Green Lab would like to acknowledge and thank the generous support from its valuable sponsor, the Knowledge Institute of Abreu Advogados, in all its activities, carried out with full academic freedom.

About the Knowledge Institute of Abreu Advogados

Founded in 2012, the Knowledge Institute is one of the most important milestones in Abreu Advogados’ strategy. In an innovative law firm open to the community, it is important to produce and share relevant knowledge for legal practice. Cooperation with universities, research centres, companies and other institutions is essential. Finally, training and technical and behavioural updating are permanent concerns. The Abreu Advogados Knowledge Institute strengthens the technical, organisational and human credibility that guides the firm, aiming to meet the high expectations of its clients.

About Abreu Advogados

Abreu advogados are an independent Law Firm that in 25 years grew from 6 to over 300 people by successfully applying a 3Q policy – Technical Quality, Organizational Quality and Human Quality.

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