NOVA Green Lab at the SPEED Lunch Seminar on the Technology Neutrality Principle

  • Beatriz Gomes
  • Lucila de Almeida

On April 17th another SPEED Lunch Seminar took place at NOVA School of Law, the topic was ”Framing the Technology Neutrality Principle within the European Green Transition” and NOVA Green Lab was present, both at the speakers table, and attending as guests.

The European Union is tackling climate change and the energy crisis head-on, not only by setting ambitious decarbonization goals but also by regulating various technologies crucial for the green transition across sectors like energy, transportation, carbon markets, and industry. However, this regulatory journey is not without its complexities. For instance, policies favoring the decarbonization of transport by banning combustion engines, without considering their compatibility with biofuels, can inadvertently sideline other green technologies. Similarly, promoting renewable energy sources while excluding low-carbon options like nuclear energy presents challenges. While advanced technologies play a vital role in achieving EU policy objectives, favoring certain technologies can also disrupt fair competition within the European market. This topic was what Alessandra Porcari and Professor Lucila de Almeida brought to the discussion table, promoting an engaging debate with all the present.

NOVA Green Lab congratulates all the intervenients, in particular:


  • Professor Lucila de Almeida, NOVA Green Lab Coordinator and Abreu Chair in ESG Impact.
  • Alessandra Porcari, Speaker, PhD Candidate at the University of Trento.


  • Lúcio Feteira, Associate Professor at NOVA School of Law
  • Marco Almada, PhD Candidate at the European University Institute


  • Luis Barreto Xavier, Guest Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Portugal.

SPEED EN Coordinators:

  • Veronica Corcodel, Assistant Professor NOVA Schol of Law
  • Nausica Palazzo, Assistant Professor NOVA School of Law

  • Beatriz Gomes
  • Lucila de Almeida