Refining Reflexive Environmental Law by Nature and Nurture: Autonomy, Accountability, and Adjustability 

Reflexive environmental law (REL) facilitates exploration of how legal frameworks foster the capacity for private companies to engage in reflexivity. This reflexivity aids in avoiding entrenchment and promotes learning and self-organization to tackle intricate sustainability issues. To date, REL theory has overlooked conventional command-and-control regulations within the realm of REL, constraining its ability to comprehend … Continued

EU Contract Case Law, July–December 2023 

The article EU Contract Case Law, July–December 2023, published on the European Review of Contract Law offers a comprehensive review of key cases adjudicated by the Court of Justice of the European Union pertaining to contract law. It focuses on the period spanning from July 2023 to December 2023. Among the 220 judgments rendered during … Continued

Consumers and the green transition between saying and doing: promising consumer empowerment while restricting consumers´choices is dangerous 

On the 19th December, our Coordinator, Professor Lucila de Almeida, along with Professor Fabrizio Esposito published an engaging article on the Yearbook of European Law, entitled “Consumers and the green transition between saying and doing: promising consumer empowerment while restricting consumers’ choices is dangerous”. The article is available online and the abstract can be read … Continued

Energy policy ideas for the next European Commission: from targets to investments

BY: Leonardo Meeus, Ilaria Conti, Lucila de Almeida, Jean-Michel Glachant, Leigh Hancher,MÜNCHMEYER Max, Andris Piebalgs, Alberto Pototschnig Energy (and climate) will be high on the agenda of the next European Commission. EU citizens and industry expect a supply of energy that is affordable, secure, and sustainable. The National Energy and Climate Plans suggest that there … Continued

When indicators fail electricity policies: pitfalls of the EU´s retail energy market Barrier Index

Lucila de Almeida, Fabrizio Esposito, and Josephine van Zeben. ‘When Indicators Fail Electricity Policies: Pitfalls of the EU’s Retail Energy Market Barrier Index’. Energy Policy 165 (1 June 2022). Abstract: An important goal of EU energy policy is to ensure energy justice during the green transition. The Commission considers the functioning and competitiveness of the retail energy market … Continued