Book Launch: Law in the EU Circular Energy System

  • Lucila de Almeida
  • Josephine van Zeben

Edited by Professor Lucila de Almeida, NOVA Green Lab’s coordinator and Abreu Chair in ESG Impact, and Josephine van Zeben, Professor and Chair of the LAW group at Wageningen University, this book, though extensive critical analysis, identifies multiple areas of law and policy that require further investigation to guarantee the establishment of a sound policy framework, enabling the transition from a linear to a circular energy system.

Professor Lucila de Almeida
Professor Josephine van Zeben

Taking a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach, this skillfully written book provides a detailed overview of the complex legal landscape relating to the EU’s circular energy system.

This significant series aims to advance the frontiers of environmental and energy law by conducting innovative research into environmental and energy law, doctrine, and case law. Based on a broad interpretation of environmental and energy law, the report includes input by distinguished and up-and-coming scholars from various origins. These are their contributions:

  • Chapter 1: The EU’s circular energy system and the Green Deal, by Lucila de Almeida and Josephine van Zeben.

Part 1: From Waste to Biofuels and Biogas.

  • Chapter 2: Waste in the circular energy system, by Geert van Calster.
  • Chapter 3: Agricultural waste to biofuel and biogas: law and policy, by Mirta Alessandrini, Edwin Alblas, and Lin Batten.
  • Chapter 4: Food waste to biogas and biofuel: law and policy, by Madhura Rao, Aalt Bast, and Alie de Boer.
  • Chapter 5: Forestry waste to biofuel and biogas: law and policy, by Elisa Cavallin.

Part 2: The Use of Biofuel and Biogas in the Circular Energy System

  • Chapter 6: From gas to biogas from biowaste, heating, power generation, and cogeneration, by Maciej M Sokołowski.
  • Chapter 7: Sustainable biofuels and gaseous biomass fuels from biowaste in the EU transport sector, by Piero Carlo dos Reis, Phillip Lugmayr, and Benjamin Gomado.
  • Chapter 8: Methane emission in a circular economy, by Maria Olczak and Andris Piebalgs.

Part 3: Cross-Sectoral Issues

  • Chapter 9: The Energy Tax Directive reform, by Álvaro Antón Antón.
  • Chapter 10: EU law and policy shaping supranational and national investment in biofuel and biogas transition, by Agnieszka Smoleńska.
  • Chapter 11: Energy State Aid, by Allard Knook.
  • Chapter 12: Renewable support schemes and Guarantees of Origin applied to renewable energy regulation, by Alberto Pototschnig and Ilaria Conti.
  • Chapter 13: The (in)coherence–(in)effectiveness nexus of the EU’s circular energy system, by Lucila de Almeida and Josephine van Zeben.

NOVA Green Lab commands the authors for their brilliant remarks and contributions, as the topics are of outstanding relevance considering the current regulatory context of the energy sector.

‘This excellent edited collection makes an important contribution to legal scholarship on making energy supplies sustainable. Its exploration of relationships between the waste, agriculture, food and forestry sectors and the energy sector, of their respective regulatory frameworks, and of related policy and legal contexts shines a light on key interactions for achieving circular economies in the EU and elsewhere. Coverage of legal issues raised by the integration of biofuels and biogases into energy systems and concerning the decarbonisation of heating and transport is also most welcome. The volume’s examination of these hitherto underexplored areas will prove useful for scholars both in the EU and also in other jurisdictions who are looking to learn from the EU”s experience with developing laws for managing waste streams and exploiting their energy-producing potential. The editors are to be commended for assembling this valuable volume.

Olivia Woolley, Durham University Law School, UK

ISBN 978 1 80220 586 2 (cased)
ISBN 978 1 80220 587 9 (eBook)

  • Lucila de Almeida
  • Josephine van Zeben