Chapter 2. Waste in the Circular Flow Energy System.

In Chapter 2 of the edited book ‘Law in the EU’s Circular Energy System: Biofuel, Biowaste and Biogas‘ we delve into Part I of this published piece. The topics from Chapter 2 to Chapter 5, are all included in the broader framework that Part I embodies: ‘From waste to Biofuels and Biogas‘. Geert van Calster kicks off the discussion by exploring of the topic of ‘waste in the circular flow energy system’.

Read the Abstract below:

‘The waste hierarchy is the cornerstone of European Union (EU) waste policy and legislation and central to the transition to a circular economy (CE) and a circular energy system. These transitions require a delicate balance between the supply and demand for waste, and specifically the right level of waste-to-energy capacity for the treatment of non-recyclable waste. Waste-to-energy processes can range from waste incineration with low energy recovery to the production of waste-derived solid, liquid, or gaseous fuels. The chapter covers the opportunities, and obstacles, that EU waste law presents in transitioning to a circular energy system.’