Chapter 6. From gas to biogas from biowaste: heating, power generation, and cogeneration

Maciej M Sokołowski

Chapter 6 of the edited book ‘Law in the EU’s Circular Energy System: Biofuel, Biowaste and Biogas‘, introduces Part II of the published work, inaugurating the theme of ‘The Use of Biofuel and Biogas in the Circular Energy System’. This chapter, written by Maciej M Sokołowski, is entitled ‘From gas to biogas from biowaste: heating, power generation, and cogeneration‘.

Read the Abstract below:

‘This chapter explores whether the regulatory system of EU policies and legislation encourages or limits the growing use of biogas produced from biowaste in the provision of heating and electricity along with cogeneration of heat and power. The most recent changes to EU policies announced by the Commission are examined, together with the different regulatory frameworks, with a focus on the regulation of heat, electricity, and cogeneration. The chapter also contrasts all 27 National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) to show how the Member States have committed to follow EU law thus far and highlight their reliance on biogas for the needs of energy transition.’