Generation Resonance: Uniting for Climate Action. The team of young Portuguese who joined UNA to bring answers to COP28

  • Beatriz Gomes

Meet the team!

In the dynamic climate defense scenario, João Maria Botelho, a researcher at NOVA Green Lab and a Global Shaper (Lisbon Hub) of the World Economic Forum, is trailblazing at COP28 beyond the sea. He is also a part of the START Lisbon innovation network. His team, consisting of Joana Chaves Batista, a researcher at the NOVA Tax Lab, Margarida Mingote, a researcher in intellectual property at NOVA IPSI, and Andreza Caldeira, a student at NOVA, are the backbone of the “Generation Resonance” supporting the #NextGen_EcoLife movement, providing a voice for young Portuguese people at COP28.

Our Climate Advocates

#NextGen EcoLife, a United Nations Association initiative, aims to provide a platform for young people in Portugal to express their concerns in an institutional, legal, and ethical manner. Its goal is to collect important contributions for Portugal’s involvement in COP 28, the 28th session of the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change.

This occasion took place last Monday in the United Arab Emirates (Expo City Dubai).

The Mission

The objective is evident – to amplify the voices of Portuguese youth, catalyze impactful change, and create a resonance that echoes globally. ‘We are not just mere participants, but bearers of innovation, committed to shaping a future where sustainability is not an option, but a way of life’.

The “Generation Resonance” within #NextGen_EcoLife goes beyond rhetoric; it assumes itself as a dynamic force promoting sustainability in its truest sense. Its advocacy extends to a variety of areas – from sustainable finance, ESG and ocean conservation to promoting diversity and innovation. Each aspect is crucial.

Relevant Elements

Last Monday, our team sent their work over to the United Arab Emirates, these consisted of:

  • The presentation of the first youth sustainability charter, that marks a disruptive milestone achievement. The charter reflects the commitment of Portuguese youth to sustainable practices, calling for a transition while outlining specific steps towards a greener future.

Access the Charter here!

  • A team video that was screened at the Portugal Pavilion. Their video is not only visually appealing but also tells a compelling story. It highlights the pressing need for climate action, showcases the energy of young Portuguese citizens, and emphasizes the importance of individual and group responsibility.

You can download it here!

  • A strategic partnership with United Nations Global Compact that highlights UNA Portugal and the #NextGen_EcoLife movement’s dedication to global sustainability goals. This partnership ensures that young Portuguese individuals are not just present, but actively contributing to global discussions on climate action.

Check the project’s website here!

  • Beatriz Gomes