Live from Brussels: the NOVA Green Lab video series on European Energy and Climate Law and Policy

  • Lucila de Almeida
  • João Maria Botelho

“Live from Brussels” is a monthly video series by NOVA Green Lab about European Energy and Climate Law & Policy.

The episodes are hosted in Brussels by Joana Freitas. Professor Lucila de Almeida, the Director of NOVA Green Lab, and João Maria Botelho, a student from NOVA Law School and researcher at the Green Lab, will conduct the interviews with Joana from Lisbon. The videos will provide insights and analysis on the latest developments in the European energy and climate law and policy.

Episodes will be aired live on the LinkedIn page of NOVA Green Lab and will feature a specific theme each time.

The First 3 Episodes:

1st Episode: The Gas Price Cap (March)

2nd Episode: The Just Transition from Coal to Green Energy (April)

3rd Episode: New Electricity Market Design (May)


Joana Freitas – EDP Generation

Joana Freitas is the host and reporter from Brussels. She is an executive board member at EDP Generation and has extensive experience in the energy sector, Joana is well-positioned to bring insight and expertise to the “Live from Brussels” video series.

Lucila de Almeida – Director of NOVA Green Lab

Lucila de Almeida is the Director of NOVA Green Lab, a leading research institute that focuses on environmental, climate and energy law. With a background in law and a passion for sustainability, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the “Live from Brussels” video series. She will be interviewing Joana Freitas and providing commentary and analysis on the topics covered in each episode.

João Maria Botelho – LL.B student from NOVA Law School

João Maria Botelho is a student from NOVA School of Law, and a member of the Advisory Board at the Green Lab he will be co-hosting the “Live from Brussels”  project series alongside Lucila de Almeida. With his background in Law, he brings a fresh perspective and will be contributing to the discussions and analysis in each episode.

Samuel Silva – Researcher

Samuel Silva is responsible for researching the topics covered in the “Live from Brussels” video series and preparing the speaking notes, interview questions, and episode teasers. He plays a critical role in ensuring that the content is accurate, relevant, and engaging for the audience.

Episode 1 – What is the EU gas price cap, and how does it work?

Join us on our podcast series as we delve into the latest developments in EU climate policy and how it affects households and businesses in Europe. In December 2022, the EU agreed to implement a gas price cap to prevent extreme price spikes, but what are the benefits and limitations of this mechanism? We’ll explore the potential risks, including reduced ability to attract LNG, increased private transactions, and sending the wrong price signals to the market. We’ll also discuss how the EU is addressing the impacts of climate change and the measures being taken to phase out coal and increase energy efficiency. Tune in to gain a better understanding of this complex topic and stay informed about the latest EU climate policies.

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  • Lucila de Almeida
  • João Maria Botelho